Zenith Labs SoundQuility Review – Benefits, Price, and Ingredients Explained

Zenith Labs SoundQuility Review – Benefits, Price, and Ingredients Explained

Zenith Labs SoundQuility is a new product designed to improve the quality of hearing and ear health. It particularly aids in a painful and distressful ear problem that is tinnitus. Although it seems like a small thing it actually makes a person’s life worse. It feels like a constant buzzing or ringing in the ear that is sometimes accompanied by pain as well. It makes a person feel worse and affects the quality of life.

It is obvious that tinnitus is actually an auditory problem. It means that it is related to the sound, which feels like a mixed-up noise, and it becomes impossible for the brain to develop it into a meaningful context.

The scientific research suggests that there are many factors behind developing tinnitus so the treatment of tinnitus involves a number of options as well. These options include hearing aids, heavy medication and sometimes an invasive surgery. All of these treatments are costly and not everyone can afford it. Even if they do, there is not a 100% chance of complete relief. Some people might end up getting into a worse condition than before. How about a treatment that is pocket-friendly and works without causing any trouble?

Fortunately, Zenith Labs have developed a new product called SoundQuility to help tinnitus patients. This review will take a closer look at its functions and benefits.

Zenith Labs SoundQuility review

SoundQuility by Zenith Labs is a natural dietary supplement that is designed to deal with tinnitus and other ear problems. It heals the ear damage and makes it act normally without an abnormality like in tinnitus. This way it relieves the symptoms of tinnitus and makes sure that its user experiences clear hearing with a peaceful mind.
As already mentioned, it’s a dietary supplement that is available in easy to swallow capsules. There are 60 capsules in each bottle and the recommended dose is to take one capsule twice a day. This one bottle is expected to last for one month only.

This supplement makes all undesirable ear problems away forever. The ingredients inside it properly function on the auditory system, it repairs the damaged cells and makes hearing easier for a person.

Not just tinnitus patients but everyone can use it to improve ear health. Regular use of SoundQuility supplement results in making ear problems vanish within months. The reason why it works so effectively is that it has all-natural ingredients inside it. They act upon as per individual ear problems and do not cause any side effects.

How does SoundQuility work on tinnitus?

SoundQuility works by using the natural potential of its unique herbal recipe. The natural ingredients mixed in a perfect ratio works best on every person. The online user reviews suggest that using it for at least a month would show positive effects.

The amazing ingredients inside SoundQuility work on repairing the auditory nerves along with improving the structure of the myelin sheath. It’s a protective covering that wraps these nerves. Most of the hearing-related problems occur when there is damage to these auditory nerves or at some point myelin sheath is damaged. Once the structure is intact, the ear auto heals itself and makes all these annoying noises go away.

SoundQuility ingredients list

There are many herbal ingredients that combine to make SoundQuility a powerful supplement. Some of them are as follows.

Copper: it repairs and fixes the damage on the myelin sheath, making sure it protects the nerves.
Zinc: It is a mineral that is added to all the best health supplements. It improves health and reduces the symptoms of tinnitus.
Vitamin B12: This vitamin is essentially required for good health. Here in this supplement, it prevents from any damage to occur in the myelin sheath.
Rutin: This flavonoid restores the broken parts of the myelin sheath and restores it as a normal structure.
Gingko Biloba Extract: this ingredient relieves the pain and irritation involved with tinnitus. Also, it is an immunity booster and improves overall health.
Astragalus Root Extract: this ingredient works on stress and reduces it to a normal level. It is to give peace of mind to the user.
Cobalamin: this vitamin promotes myelin sheath repair, and results in a clearer hearing.
Melatonin: this ingredient essentially helps to get a peaceful sleep at night. Usually, tinnitus hinders sleeping and resting become impossible for tinnitus patients. That is why it is added to this formula.

Is SoundQuility by Zenith Labs a trustworthy product?

The company that makes SoundQuility is called Zenith Labs. It is a popular and well-known name in health supplement business. It makes a number of top-selling dietary supplements and SoundQuility is a new addition to this list. It is famous for making 100% natural supplements with premium quality ingredients. There are no side effects reported on any supplement made by Zenith Labs. All this ensures that Zenith Labs truly maintains a high standard in all its products, so it is understandable that they would do the same for SoundQuility.

Best effects of Zenith Labs SoundQuility

Now that the purpose of making SoundQuility supplement is clear, next is to evaluate its effects. It is necessary to evaluate all possible benefits of a product before making up the mind to buy it. Here are a few benefits of it.

  • It promotes a better hearing without using a hearing aid.
  • It enables its users to enjoy the get-togethers, meetings, and events without stress.
  • It makes a person enjoy music again.
  • It clears the mind and improves focus.
  • It reduces stress and makes a person peaceful.
  • It improves the quality of sleep.
  • It improves the mood.
  • It raises energy levels in the user.
  • It makes a person social again.

Pricing, Purchase and Refund Policy

This product is only available online and can be ordered within minutes. Right now it is available in an unbelievable offer.

Anyone who is interested in this product should buy it as soon as possible because he can get THREE Zenith Labs SoundQuility BOTTLES IN PRICE OF ONE (Saving $188)

That’s right, the company is now offering two bottles for FREE with purchasing one bottle. The price of one bottle is only $49 plus shipping charges. All orders are delivered within 7 days of purchase in the USA. International delivery may take up to two weeks.

Every order would also include TWO FREE GIFTS

A special report “21 Unexpected Hearing Boosting Veggies” (Original price $49 but FREE with every order of SoundQuility)

A 5-parts video series “Hearing Health Masterclass” from Dr. Ryan Shelton (Original price $129 but FREE with every order of SoundQuility)


The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a user is not completely satisfied with the results, they will offer a full refund. This refund offer can be availed by contacting the customer support team within 180 days.

Contact details

Call Zenith Labs at 1-800-928-1184
Or send an email at  support@zenithlabs.com

Note: refund takes 5 business days to complete.

Final thoughts

Zenith Labs SoundQuility seems like a true help for those who are suffering from stressful and painful ear condition called tinnitus. Its natural ingredients are picked from the best quality sources and combined in a perfect blend. Each capsule of SoundQuility is loaded with these magical herbs, which are completely side effect free. Using this supplement for at least 2-3 weeks would show positive results. Each order comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee.

So there is not actually any loss even if this product doesn’t work on anyone. The company would return the order money if the request is made within 180 days of the purchase. Order this supplement today and get Free bottles; note this is a limited time offer.