InstaHard Review (2019) – Must Read This Before Buying

Have you seen those billboards that brag about “increase your penis size”, “get longer erections” and “enhance your manhood” across the road? There are probably hundreds of products which promise to help “manly problems” but no one really talks about these problems and how do these products help with them.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man is unable ho holds long-term erections during sex. Not only it dissatisfies him and his partner but lay also leads to relationship problems and even stress-related problems.

Surprisingly, erectile dysfunction is a lot more common than anyone thinks it is. Although a product like InstaHard doesn’t need a context to tell its benefits still it is necessary to know who needs it.

For centuries, people are using supplements, medicines and even natural remedies to help with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

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There are prescription-based medicines to help erectile dysfunction patients but it’s better to avoid them as they may have short term positive effects but aren’t safe for health on a longer run. Natural supplements that boost natural testosterone levels and help with erectile dysfunction are the best option to go for. Fortunately, these are available readily and don’t require a prescription. This review will talk about such a supplement called “InstaHard” which aims to improve erectile dysfunction NATURALLY, without causing any long term side effects. Here is how it works.

What is InstaHard?

InstaHard is a dietary supplement that is made of 100% natural ingredients. It has a unique blend with scientifically proven herbs that lower and reverses the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction in men. The company picks these ingredients from the finest sources and in its purest and potent form. The company that makes this supplement is named Mangenics Nutrition and it ensures that InstaHard pills are super effective on anyone who needs it.

It is in an easy to use capsule form. One bottle has 60 capsules in it and the recommended dose is to take only two capsules with water. Every bottle comes with a dosage guideline by the company and a label that enlists its ingredients.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction may have multiple causes such as disturbed blood flow, heart problems, nerve supply or hormonal imbalance. Sometimes side effects of certain medicines can also show ED symptoms. It may sound embarrassing problem but persistent erection related problems might lead to a chronic medical condition. Regardless of the cause, erectile dysfunction needs immediate attention and help.

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 What happens when you take InstaHard pills?

Based on user experience, taking InstaHard, adds flame to the user’s desire. Many people fear that long-lasting erections may cause damage to the penis. In fact, many shady companies advertise for hours-long erections. This makes an unbelievably good statement for a marketing campaign but hours-long erection can permanently damage the penile muscles.

There is no such issue if you are using InstaHard. It doesn’t advertise an “ unrealistic” and “unhealthy” promise. It restores the naturally functioning penis and strengths the penile muscles at the cellular level. There are no artificial ingredients, chemicals, toxins or fillers inside this supplement so erections coming from using InstaHard are not damaging for manhood.

Who should use InstaHard?

InstaHard is designed for adult men who are having difficulties in holding erections for long. However, it is not a treatment medicine for erectile dysfunction and anyone who wants to improve his sexual performance and stamina in bed can also use it. This product is only suitable for people over 18 years of age and suffering from an actual problem. Those who want to try it but are underage shouldn’t use it in any case.

How long does it take to show results?

Every man is different and it is hard to say that all users would get results at the same time. So it is understandable that individual results of this product vary from person to person. Most of the users see results within the first two weeks of using InstaHard capsules.

On the other side, many other users reported noticing results after four weeks. For all users, the long-term use of InstaHard improved the quality and duration of erections. It also made the sexual encounter more pleasurable and satisfying for them.

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Does InstaHard increase penis size too?

InstaHard is not really a penis enlargement tool. To be honest, any product that advertises such benefits is substandard and low key. The only way to increase penis size is by following a healthy lifestyle, diet and moderate exercise.

However, InstaHard may help to improve blood circulation in the whole body. Although it is not a direct effect of InstaHard an improved blood circulation increases the blood flow to the penis. This way it somehow plays a role in size enhancement but this is not unnatural, over the night effect. It may take months to see the visible results.

Side effects of using InstaHard

many people would be concerned about the side effects of InstaHArd, but luckily there are none. The problem with most such supplements is that it increases penile sensitivity and it often leads to premature ejaculation. It means, while treating erectile dysfunction, they get into premature ejaculation. However, the good news is that InstaHard is no ordinary supplement that can cause such a side effect. It is completely safe and free from undesirable effects hence every man over 18 years of age can use it.

Where to buy InstaHard?

InstaHard is only available online. Anyone can get access to it by a matter of a few clicks. It is super affordable and you can get one bottle in just $69.00. However, buying a three-month bundle or six-month bundle cut the price to a significantly low amount where you would be paying only $59.00 per bottle and $49.00 per bottle respectively. Buying three and six bottles add free gifts with each order and shipment becomes free in all over the USA.

Not to forget, every order comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee. It means if a user is not satisfied with InstaHard, he can get his money back in 180 days of purchase. This six-month-long time is enough to check the working of this supplement. Also, you don’t have to return the used or currently in use bottle if you chose to get a refund.

How to avail money-back guarantee?

InstaHard gives a 100% money-back guarantee if a user requests a refund within 180 days of his purchase. All that it takes is to call or email the customer service and request a refund. There are no questions asked and the money is transferred to the user’s account within a few days.

Although there are no refund requests made so far the manufacturing company is open to hearing from the users. Feel free to leave your feedback at their customer care line. Send an email to, or call at the Customer Support Team at 1-855-553-7600 for feedback, details, and refunds.


InstaHard is a dietary supplement that promises to improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. It is a pure formula that is free form unnecessary ingredients and works on people of all ages. It improves the blood circulation, hormonal balance and overall physical health of the user which in turn brings the most satisfying erections ever.

The recommended dose is only two capsules per day and no one should overdose it at any cost. Also, this product is only meant for adults and no child or woman should use it. Currently, the company is running on very low stock. Order your bottle of InstaHard today before all bottles run out of stock.



Please note that any guidelines and advice given here are not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician if you are under medication or have doubts following the advice/instructions given. Individual results may vary. All images used are for illustration purposes only.