Glucose Factor Review (2020) – Science Natural Supplements

Glucose Factor Review (2020) – Science Natural Supplements

Glucose Factor is a dietary supplement manufactured by Science Natural Supplements.  It is formulated by Dr. Zane Sterling who has already designed a number of best selling supplements for this company. This new product proclaims itself as a healthy way to regulate blood sugar level.

It is a custom made formula to help people who are suffering from pre diabetic and diabetic symptoms. It is for everyone who finds it hard to maintain the sugar levels and somehow end up with medicines. What most of the companies don’t tell you is the adverse side effects of using sugar controlling medicines. That is why it is better to find a product that is risk-free and doesn’t cause any undesirable effect.

So what’s better than natural ingredients if you are looking for a safe product?

Science Natural Supplements has manufactured Glucose Factor by using nature’s best ingredients in their purest forms. All these ingredients in a set ratio control a high and low blood sugar and maintains it for long.

But can this supplement really help you? Is this actually going to do the job of medicines or it’s just another ill-famed supplement with no real benefits? If it is so effective then why is it sold online and not at stores? Here are all the answers to satisfy you. Let’s take a look at this supplement first.


What is Glucose Factor?

Glucose Factor is a dietary supplement that comes with the promises of sugar control. Taking glucose factor capsules would help you to regulate the standard level of glucose in the blood.

As you know, diabetic patients often struggle to maintain their exceptionally high blood sugar level. But using glucose factor is a real time help as it offer its remarkable “27-second solution” that helps every person with irregular glucose levels.

It targets the main cause of diabetes and a generally high blood sugar. The natural ingredients provide a number of health-boosting nutrients to the body which contributes to this glucose regulation.

There are 60 capsules in every bottle of Glucose Factor. One bottle is ideally one month’s dosage which divides its daily dose to 2 capsules. Give it a few weeks to amaze you with its results. However, if you consistently experience irregular glucose levels, you can use it for a longer time too. There are no side effects of this supplement.

How does Glucose Factor help you?

Is using a dietary supplement really going to help diabetic symptoms? The answer is yes. A supplement like Glucose Factor is designed to overcome diabetic symptoms with cellular rejuvenation mechanism. It means the free radicals and toxins should be eliminated from the body so that there are no external factors left to hinder glucose levels. Once these outer factors are controlled, the body on its own is able to maintain a healthy level of blood glucose levels.

Normally, our daily diet and lifestyle contribute to our health status. With toxins entering into the body by all possible means it is impossible to attain good health without using any external help. This external help is a supplement that not only cleanses the body but also prevents internal inflammation, pain, stress, and fatigue.

Glucose Factor has special ingredients inside it which are helpful to do all these functions. Dr. Zane has carefully picked it ingredients and combined them in an easy to use supplement form.

Ingredients inside Glucose Factor supplement

Science Natural Supplements deserves an appreciation for making all its products ingredients open for all. It has never hidden any ingredient list and you can even check all ingredients of all products made by this company on their official website.

One common thing among all these ingredients lists is that none of them contain a “proprietary blend” or artificial or hidden ingredients. For those who don’t know, it is not something that we often see with dietary supplements manufacturing companies. Some of these companies are so shady that they don’t even mention the ingredients on the product label.

Considering this, Science Natural Supplements being transparent about ingredients inside Glucose Factor is noticeable. Here is the breakup of the “anti-zombie complex” of glucose factor.

Gurmar (Gymnema sylvestre)
It’s a natural sugar regulator with added anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents cellular damage and maintains the good health of the body cells along with high energy levels.

Cinnamon (Cassia Cinnamon)
It is an anti-oxidant that prevents free radical damage and removes all toxins from the body. This detoxification is quick and natural and allows all body cells to perform their function better. It also regulates the fasting glucose levels.

Bitter melon extract
It reduces the chance of internal inflammation to occur inside the body. It also supports good hormonal health as well as glucose support system.

Banaba leaf extract
The chief component of this ingredient is corosolic acid. That reduces the blood sugar within 60 seconds. It uses this excess glucose to be used in energy production.

Other ingredients

Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Alpha-lipoic acid
White mulberry leaf

Is Glucose Factor affordable?

The Glucose Factor is reasonably priced. It is available online and you can purchase it from the manufacturer’s website. If it is such an authentic supplement why is it not available at stores? The reason is to avoid third party interactions so there is no possibility of fake products sold under the name of Glucose Factor.

You can buy Glucose Factor in the following bundle offers.

One bottle of Glucose Factor= $69.00 only  (one month dose)
Three bottles of Glucose Factor= $59 per bottle only (three months dose)
Six bottles of Glucose Factor= 49 per bottle only (six months dose)

All of these bundles are shipped without any extra charges. The recommended dose of Glucose factor is two capsules per day but start with one capsule only and gradually move to two capsules.


Glucose Factor returns and refund

This product comes with a rather generous refund policy. Science Natural Supplements accepts 100% product refund within 180 days of product purchase. They won’t ask you to return the bottles. You can keep the bottles and get your money back with ease. Email at or call at  +(800) 305-1445 if you have questions.

Conclusion- should you buy it?

Glucose Factor seems like a product that you can trust. First, it is formulated by a doctor, second, it is manufactured by an authentic company that has a good reputation in the health supplement industry.  The company has shared all details of its ingredients, quantity and dosage guide.

Every ingredient inside this formula has a long history of being helpful in blood sugar regulation. Talking about the price, it is quite reasonable and fits into the budget of every person. To facilitate more people, the company is giving bundle offers that reduce the price even more.

The question of whether or not this supplement regulates blood sugar and maintains it needs a user’s experience. There are many online reviews that support its functions but the best is to try it by yourself and see if it does any help. Don’t delay your decision and confirm your orders today.